1. How do i get started?

Getting started with VertisPay is as easy as possible. Download the vertispay app from your google playstore or App Store, Signup, Verifiy email and phone number set transaction pin and Start transacting.

2. How can I change my transaction pin?

Our system request a new transaction pin after your session has expired. To change transaction pin goto settings in your vertispay app and click reset pin. Follow the simple steps to change transaction pin.

3. What do I need to create VertisPay account?

A valid last name, first name, email and phone number. This are the basic information needed to create a VertisPay account to start enjoyment jaw dropping services

4. How can I fund my VertisPay account?

Once your VertisPay account has been created successfully a wema bank virtual account has been generated for you. All you need to is fund your vertispay account using a regular bank transfer to the generated account.

5. How do I get Profit on VertisPay?

For every bill payment you make on VertisPay you get 0.5% cashback. Your profit is returned automatically to your VertisPay account balance.

6. Which bills can I pay with VertisPay

vertispay offers variety of bill type ranging from airtime, data, electricty bill, betting, eductaional bill and monry transfer

1. How do I split Payment?

Open VertisPay app goto pay and select split payment add friends to bill. Split evenly amongst friends and click on proceed.

2. How do I schedule a bill?

After making a payment, Options to schedule the last concluded bill will be displayed on the screen click on schedule payment select date set recurring if you want the bill every month of the selected date.

3. Can I save a bill for later?.

Yes!, You can save a bill so you don't need to always initiated a bill just click on the saved bill and continue to bill payment.

5. How can I become an Agent?

Easy, become a VertisPay agent and earn high commison and other benefits. Simply fill the become an agent form on our website super easy.

1. How do I make Payment?

We provide mode of payment for our user. You can make payment using the VertisPay wallet or through your debit card.

2. Do I get a refund If transaction fails?

VertisPay is built on a very sophisticated and well trusted services and so our failure rate 0.4%. Just incase of a Failue, VertisPay is built to automatically reverse funds back to the users wallet

1. How can I Contact VertisPay?

Our top priority is customer service. We have a 24/7 round the clock customer service representative to see to every of your complaints

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